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Tiny Homes & Renovations

About Us

Over 20 years in residential construction, I have learned a lot. One of the big things I’ve learned is that the trends and technologies change, but the one thing that remains constant is quality workmanship and materials.As a ticketed blue seal carpenter, I am Committed to giving you the best in workmanship and will advise as to the best materials to use for the budget.  

Over the years I have been blessed to have worked for several great companies and with a bunch of very talented carpenters and trades people. With their tutelage and patience( I can be curious) I have learned a lot. I am also always on the lookout for new ways to improve constructions and ways to streamline production. So I take on every project with enthusiasm and excitement. 

Being in residential construction for 20 years gives me the unique ability to make your project as exciting and stress free as it is supposed to be.

Tiny homes red deer, alberta

Our Process

  • Sit down with you for a consultation
  • Find out what is important to you
  • Find out what your wants and needs are
  • Go through design ideas
  • Finalize your design
  • Once your design is finalized we will prepare you a quote
  • Finalize quote and agree on terms of payment
  • Order the material
  • Build you the custom tiny home of your dreams
  • When build is complete have a final Inspection with you
  • Now you can start living the tiny home life!
Tiny homes red deer, alberta


There has always been one thing that has stuck with me through all these years “how can I make this better for my customers and how can I make it better for the generations to come”

The answer to both of these is tied together. The development of new and greener technologies in building materials and building techniques has made this more and more possible. I try to incorporate as many of these techniques and technologies into each of my projects. 

My passion is what I do and I strive to make you as proud as I am of your project. 


Tiny homes red deer, alberta